Cheers To You, Brother

Hey Bro, today’s your birthday
So I raise a glass of beer
I’m bummed I can’t be with you today
So I’m sending you long distance cheer

We’ve been through some fun and crazy times
From wild kids to middle age
I’m so lucky to have you as a brother
Even as time has turned the page

Now we both live in separate towns
But if I said I didn’t think of you often, I’d be a liar
Especially that time when I took the blame when we were kids
When it was really you who set the couch on fire

You are My Angel

Happy Birthday, Darling
I wish you many more
I’m so blessed to have you in my life
You are the angel I adore

I could compare you to the sparkling stars
To the radiant sun and a moon so clear
But to me nature’s awesome beauty
Simply can’t measure up to you, my dear

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart
Your love continues to transform me in a special way
I can’t imagine this Earth without you
With you in my life, it’s Heaven each and every day

Happy Birthday, Kiddo

Happy Birthday, Kiddo
And a kid is what you are
Even though you’re 50
You still look great by far

So you have a little spare tire
And a few wrinkles on your face
Your sweet and loving nature
Still has the power to make my heart race

You might move at a slower gait
And your hair has its share of grey
But the brilliant smile you flash at me
Continues to take my breath away

This day

Today is set aside
To celebrate your birth
The moment is yours to stand tall with dignity
This is time for pride

One of the many people born
On this most happy day is you
Oh joy, oh praise, oh deserved spotlight
Once a year it’s yours

A day to focus on the
Awesome things you do

Special personal moments gathered
So many years unite

To generate birthdays
That several years from
This happy moment you remember with light

Happy Birthday – Time to Enjoy

It’s time for you to eat some cake
I hope you really like it
Be careful of how much you take

Perhaps you should put on a crazy hat
Be the life of your own party
You know where it’s at

Pin the tail and dance a bit
Be sure to take it easy
Stop before your pants split

It’s time for you to enjoy the cheer
As your friends each toast you
Until next the same time next year

Birthday Blessings

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
“Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!”

It’s your birthday once again

Another year has come and gone,
And it’s your birthday once again.
So I’m sending you these wishes
Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

I am so glad you’re in my life,
All the moments we have shared,
And even through the rough times,
We have managed to survive together.

So, my dear, I’m sending now,
Birthday wishes to you today,
I am hoping that you will have,
The best birthday in every way.

Birthday wishes from far across the miles

I am sending birthday wishes
from far across the miles
tied with lace and ribbons
my special birthday smile

Also hugs and kisses
wrapped in special prayers
happiness and laughter
joy beyond compare

Wishing you warm sunshine
each day when you awake
peace within and harmony
with every step you take

As you drift off in slumber
and nestlle upon the clouds
know i am thinking of you
from way across the mile

It’s your birthday, but we got the gift…

It’s your birthday, but we got the gift…
a gentle, sweet, beautiful daughter
who is always a pleasure to be with.
You glow with sensitivity and compassion
generated from the depths
of your warm heart and and kind soul.
A loving mom, a peacemaker,
a woman full of the joy of life,
that’s you.
Anyone who spends time with you
is privileged to know
such an extraordinary person.
You are a great joy in our lives.
We love you and cherish you and treasure you
and wish that every one of your birthdays
will be the happiest yet.